Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Philly Photos

Here's our Philly recap! Steven and I have a serious weakness for amazing food:

We saw a little piece of America's history:

(I) Broke a heel while shopping (tax free):

We shared an italian dinner in West Chester:

We explored the countryside & downtown:

 Stumbled across the Mushroom Capital of the World, Kennet Square:

 & we made some friends, per usual:

 While riding around, I couldn't get over how pretty the country was...

 We stopped a few times along the way for some wine & beer tours & tastings:



Despite a few things, it was an wonderful quick trip!

It's been 6 months of marriage, and we've already hit up 3 of the biggest cities in America. Our goal was 1/year. Hooray for being on the ball!