Saturday, December 3, 2011

Take me to bed or lose me forever!

Remember my concern? Here are some essentials to make our aqua + yellow bedroom not so tween:

1. A Roberto Dutesco Print
Like I could even begin to afford one...

For reals, y'all. Breathtakingly GORG. I love horses. Always have. They bring back nostalgic childhood memories of my Aunt Murial (who passed). She had a farm and I enjoyed being around her horses so there's just this cool connection with them that I love. 
Since Dutesco would set me back about 60 grand, I'll settle for the look with a print from Etsy. I've found a few I like. It's just a matter of getting the scale right. I want it to be huge.
2. An affordable cowhide zebra rug. 
3. Silk curtains + luxe linens

Our bedding, which will totally be spruced up with fun shams + throw pillows:

4. Touches of gold 
*luckily I scored this cute tray table at HomeGoods forever ago. It will certainly make for a cute jewelry/perfume vanity, don't you think!?

Which all pretty much brings me to my major inspiration from this room: 
Crazy inspired by this room (which now has PINK chairs!...not sure if Steven would appreciate that) Check out her blog though, Live Like You. Jill Sorensen is a phenom designer and her home is kickass. I think she's my kindred spirit when it comes to decorating. Eclectic, colorful, slightly tacky, yet somehow all pulled together gorgeously. 
Once we paint, I'll be keeping you posted!



Isle of View said...

Love the gorgeous horse prints!!! My dream was to have a pony....never happened! Love the idea for yellow and zebra too

kelly angard said...

beautiful inspiration! and thanks for featuring my horse photograph!!!
regards, kelly angard

Megan said...

Kelly- I love your work!! Fabulous!!