Thursday, December 15, 2011


Baby Dixon has arrived! 

And she has such a sweet name ~ Norah Ray. Steven and I were able to visit today so we could meet her! Our hearts were bursting with so much love. God is good. She is perfect and mom was doing great! I've never seen such a new baby before so I was in complete awe over how tiny she was. She's the spitting image of Steph's baby photos. Such a little beauty. The sweet coos and the little grip of her whole hand on my finger just melted my heart. We cannot wait to spoil this little sweetheart for all the years to come! She's a wonderful blessing to Stephanie & Josh who will no doubt be amazing new parents. Steph rocked it! Naturally, too. So proud of her! 

Here are a few snapshots:

We love you so much, Norah!! You are by far the cutest little baby ever.  Can't wait for all the memories to come. You are such a blessing!

Auntie Meggie & Uncle Steven

Here's a peak at Norah's nursury! We hope the transition goes smoothly on the big trip home tomorrow.
I know this lil guy is eager for everyone to get there! He sat on me when Steven said it was time to go and I cried like a baby :(

Ok... the adorable nursury...

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