Thursday, March 13, 2014

Currently Wishing...

So I'm definitely not betting on any sort of birthday gift this year from my hubby (hello, we're going to Jamaica and our Anniversary comes first), but it IS the BIG 30, so I can dream, right? The two month countdown officially starts tomorrow. Eesh. And the thought of saying goodbye to my roaring 20's .... I have mixed feelings. It seems like the decade of my 30's may bring on a whole bunch of pressure/expectations that I'm just not ready to quite face quite yet. Which is totally OK, but that's my reality. And while I'm certain my 30s will also bring on some amazing & fabulous experiences and chapters in my life, the next decade has sort of snuck up on me a tiny bit! 
Anyway, enough about all of that. Some pretty awesome things have been on my radar this week that I'm going to add to my wishlist.

Erin Gates from Elements of Style has come out with her first book and it's available for pre-order now (and at a special low price)! My coffee table is totally begging for this beaut. I cannot wait to read through because she was one of the first bloggers I really ever kept up with many moons ago. And I still do, to this day!

Teil Duncan's pop-up shop at Furbish (Happening NOW!) is really catching my eye. Original artwork starts at less than $100, and I LOVE the beachy scenes. I love the happy and pretty colors! Though, I'm slightly confused as to what may be less than $100...a teeny tiny canvas? No idea. I can shoot for a medium sized one, though, yes?

I know, I know, I know. I still have not gotten the dern throw pillows in the Chiang Mai dragon pattern for our bedroom. I also want a fancy monogram throw/or shams, too. And drapes! I want this project DONE! I need a giftcard to The Workroom!! 

My mom tried to get me a subscription to Lonny for Christmas, but they weren't offering those yet. Shortly after, I think they've started offering them. Natrually, I still haven't ordered mine, so it's going on my bday list!

And for good measure, yall, some jewlraaay. That's right. Hey-Loren Hope just came out with some brand new stunners, which I'll never be able to afford. But! Luckily for me, I'm still a fan of last season's stuff and there's no shame in my game because it just so happens to be ON SAY-ULLLLE. Word. Please excuse my obnoxiousness. Slightly excited. (Also-mother's day is in 2 months, too. Just sayin).

Anything else I should be considering?! 'Preciate it, friends.