Monday, December 9, 2013

A Year with Finley Foo!

A year ago we brought home our puppy Finley! Of course we had prepared for him by reading several books, puppy-proofing our house, and also by purchasing fun doggy accessories, but I don't think we realized how MUCH we would love him and how much bigger our hearts would grow because of him. I cannot imagine life without our sweet Finn. I honestly think he's brought Steven and I a little closer together, too. Lots of teamwork goes into training a dog. But aside from that, the spirit in our house has been so full of laughter, fun, and cuddles in the last year. And I truly think it's somewhat because of Finley! He's got the best little personality--always happy to give kisses for belly rubs, eager to ride along anywhere, and constantly by our sides to love on us. If you're considering getting a dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the way to go! They just want to make you happy and they're obedient most of the time and too cute for you to care when they're not. He really is a great dog, though. Rarely does he misbehave! Of course he had some moments when he was a tiny pup, but since he's grown up a bit, he's learned the rules. He's great at traveling. He LOVES meeting anyone new, and he's as social as we are, so that works out well. He IS the king of the castle. There's no doubt about that, as he lets us know it on a daily basis. We think his stocking should be extra stuffed this year with some fun things he can enjoy.

Finley told me he thinks it's about time we got some artwork of him. Clearly, spoiled. (And yes, Steven and I tell each other daily what Finley thinks and says. #dogfreaks.)

For more fun pictures of Finley, I'm trying to go back through Instagram to tag him as #finleyfoo. He's this close to having his own account, though. I go back and forth all the time since we enjoy following other little cavs, but eesh. Time suck!


PS- How CUTE is this doggy blog?!?!