Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bringing Home Puppy

The official countown is on for my return to Texas! And with that said, soon thereafter, we will be picking up our new puppy, Finley! As we prepare for a new responsibility I came across a few necessities we'll need before his arrival. Our minds are getting right with reading up on some dog training & information books and soon we'll be picking up a few things to make the transition go smoothly! My list here isn't quite everything, but I thought it was a fun start. (Not pictured : Wire crate, food, grooming tools, leash..)

He sure is a handsome boy, right!? I'm a little biased, but he's stolen our hearts already and we haven't even met him! Almost 7 weeks old, our little fur ball is developing an outgoing personality. I get to meet him next week on my second roadtrip out to Texas, accompanied by my dad! We'll be riding through Oklahoma to get to Texas, so we'll be stopping to meet the breeders. I'm sure it may be pure torture not to take him right then and there! We need a couple of weeks to unpack our house and prep, so I'm telling myself it'll be a good thing! 
We are SO excited to bring him back to NC for Christmas, though!! He's going to get so spoiled :)

Any first time puppy parenting suggestions? Let me hear it!


Jessie said...

How exciting! Best decision I have ever made was getting a puppy!

The Daughtridges said...

This isn't really advice on parenting a puppy, but if you really want to spoil him even more you should check out I signed up with a Groupon a couple months ago. My dog loves getting a package of toys and treats every month!