Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cozy Reflection & Gratitude

Yesterday was a big sad day. The movers came and loaded up every last box and I officially left the key behind to our first house. Not only that, yesterday was Steven's birthday and he's halfway across the country, so I couldn't see him. I tried to make him feel special, but I have a feeling I'll be making it up to him next week, given all his presents are in boxes on a moving truck. I said farewell to my sweet neighbors I glanced back to a completely empty home. I may or may not have bawled like a baby. As I made the drive back to my parent's house, it hit me hard that we will really be Texans, living across the country from everything we know and love. Change is hard.

Life ain't always easy. It's not always a picnic. I'm pretty good about focusing on the positive, especially on here and other forms of social media, so contrary to what some people may think about me, I know that life is not always rainbows and butterflies. My life has been a chaotic mess, mostly in suitcases or boxes for the last few months and I've been husbandless for about 7 weeks, to boot. We bought and sold a house in record time (*NOTE-add your realtors to your top 5 favorites in your cell phone so you don't go over on cell phone minutes like I did, leading to an expensive bill), and we've been writing checks left and right. Temporary unemployment adds on a whole new feeling of restlessness and boredom, but I know I'm kicking butt & taking care of everything that needs to get done with the house. Yet, I feel a little bit unfullfilled. Or lonely. Frustration has gotten the best of us on lots of days. And I KNOW it could be way worse.

 But why am I complaining?! That was certainly a bitter dose of honesty and venting, but as I take today to be cozy and unwind from the last week of travel and packing, I can't help but be so grateful of my family, friends, good food, and love & laughter that has filled this season in my life. I've been able to actually focus on what matters. God matters. Family matters. Positive thinking matters. Prayer matters. REAL friends matter. Good health matters. Goals matter. Pretty little moments in the day-to-day that make me happy, matter. In the end, love matters.

My family and friends have certainly given me so many reasons to miss them and I get sad knowing how far away I'll be, missing out on normal things with them. I know technology is amazing and phone dates will happen and maybe we'll even Skype. I appreciate all my loved ones and all the hugs and tears and farewells over the last few weeks. You are all amazing. Through the sadness and stress though, I'm letting go of the negative. Letting go of the naysayers. Letting go of a few things that I needed to move past. 
Thank goodness for fresh starts and new beginnings.

With that said, I'm soooo excited to see Steven in a few days and I'm so eager to unpack our new house! I'm ready to get back to work and find a new routine. I'm extremely thankful and I believe I'm one lucky gal. Gratitude keeps me moving on and moving forward. It's almost time to celebrate with my very best friend. YAY! Until then, I'll be hitting the pavement with my dad (who is the absolute best, btw). We'll be enjoying some sweet tunes as we trek to Texas over the next few days. He's a total life saver and I can't even deal with the fact that he won't just move to Texas, too. 

Let the new adventure begin:) 

Peace out, Reedhaven. You were so good to us.

I'm majorly looking forward to:


Have you had any major changes lately?


Denise Lopatka said...

BEAUTIFUL post. love this cozy pictures. well written my friend :) xox