Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Frills : Holiday Tulle!

This holiday season, I've decided to embrace the tulle skirt trend. We just unpacked the cutest one at Lilly Finch & it's not too tu-tu-ey & it's inexpensive! Paired with gold and red, I think it will be darling for any holiday fete! And those shoes. They are so lovely!! Please, Santa! Please! I will force myself to learn how to walk gracefully in them. While I realize my outfit above may be just a bit over the top with all the fur, sparkles, and tulle, I kind of think, "why not?"! It's for the Holidays! However, pair the look with a chambray shirt instead of the fur & gold, and you'll achieve an equally festive look, a bit toned down! 

Here are some more fun tulle skirts!

What are you wearing this holiday season? I'll tell you this weekend, I'll be donning fleece, long undies, and mittens if I dare venture out in the freeze. SUPER attractive!

Stay warm,