Monday, May 13, 2013

Porch Curtains

Lately I find myself dreaming about sprucing up our exterior. It'll most likely not happen any time soon, but I can dream, right? When we picked out our home, my first impression was that it was absolutely charming and very cute, which it is! I just haven't been the biggest fan of our bright blue shutters and porch floor. Call me crazy. We get loads of compliments, but it's just not "me." While I wouldn't invest in painting our brick white in this home, I've always been drawn to little white & black homes with a small pop of color. Add some porch curtains, and I'm forever charmed. I've drawn a little inspiration from a couple of places/homes I've actually seen. One was a home in Raleigh, NC in the neighborhood where I lived in college. I'd frequently jog by this house and try not to look like a stalker, but every time I would stop and stare. I just couldn't help myself. I love the home tour in Country Living

The second home is one we found in Martha's Vineyard, while we were on vacation last year. I'm quite in love with a plantation style porch & balcony. It's beyond charming and this home had the perfect amount of southern sophistication mixed with a fabulous dose of welcoming hospitality. I would have porch parties all the time!

And thank you, Pottery Barn for reading my mind on all of this. I'm loving the striped drapes! Mix in a cozy couch and you've got an amazing outdoor living space, but I'm going to need to reel it in. Our front porch isn't that big, so we will keep it simple with a couple of chairs. The great thing about the stripes is that maybe, just maybe the fabric won't be too noticably dirty when the dust blows. The white drapes would be ruined!

So, I attempted to do some botchy "photoshop" sprucing get see how all this could potentially come together if I had it my way. What do you guys think? Am I crazy? 



Samantha Muse said...

Y'all's house would look so cute with curtains on the front porch! It was always a favorite of ours when we lived in the neighborhood!