Tuesday, December 18, 2012


What a beautiful tribute to honor Sandy Hook's victims. I still can't wrap my head around all that happened Friday. I am always blown away at how brave people are who step up to protect others. Our prayers are with the families, the community, and for our country. I pray that steps will be implemented to prevent something so horrific from happening again. I fear it will happen again, though. I fear it will be worse. I know I need to just trust that God has a plan and that all those sweet souls are resting in peace with their Lord and Savior, but it still chills me to think that it could happen to anyone, anywhere. It makes me scared to even think about bringing a child into this scary world. I couldn't even imagine. We spent alot of time reflecting this past weekend and just being thankful that we will be home to NC soon to see our families. I wish we could just demand a better world to live in. It makes me think, though, what am I doing to make it better? I guess it starts with leading by example and doing the right thing. Going out of our way to help others and to be day a maker. Generally speaking, maybe we're not doing a bad job here, but I always think we can be doing more. I'm taking this holiday season to try harder. Maybe even coming up with a monthly game plan of ways we can give back in the new year. Let me know your ideas, if you have any.