Thursday, December 13, 2012

our new house!

I fully intended to share a few pics of our new house to you guys a little sooner!! We've been a bit caught up in life with our new pup, making new friends in Amarillo, and settling into our home:) Oh yeah, and prepping for Christmas and our 4th annual Chili Cookoff!! Busy Busy! We could not have found a more perfect house for the two of us here. We're in a charming neighborhood (with trees and brick streets!), close to downtown. The home was built in 1939 so it's full of character, but the previous owner did a gorgeous job of remodeling many parts! My favorite being the kitchen! It's full of storage and the cabinetry is beautiful. And I love my gas range! We also have a great yard and even a small studio apartment in the back. Our realtor made a connection for us and we have a renter named Ellie. So, here we go:

Here's the view from the front entrance. I spy a cute Finley!

Def in need of a pretty mirror & an area rug.

Hi, Steven:)

 Here's the dining area:

and for Christmas:


Our kitchen!!:

I LOVE having my husband on saturday mornings bc he cooks my breakfast! (he used to work a shift job so a weekend together in town together was rare!)

Down the hall we have a guest room/office. My big green campaign desk actually fits and we have bookshelves to style. We're also having blinds installed because we're lacking privacy. Our master bedroom will be the project starting in January and then we'll paint the pink bathroom and update some things in our guest room. 

Finley LOVES our backyard!

Well, I'm off to prep for our party!


megan said...

Too cute! Love all of your decorations and touches.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Your home is so cute and you have done so much already with it!