Wednesday, December 19, 2012

She had more energy than anybody I’d ever met. She was in love with the world. She was warm and loud and impulsive. She was a real people-pleaser. She worried way too much what people thought of her, wore her heart on her sleeve, expected too much from people, and got hurt too easily. She kept other people’s secrets like a champ, but told her own too fast. She expected the world not to cheat her and was always surprised when it did. She had more ideas than she had time to finish. She loved to talk about wild things she wanted to do in the future. She worried a lot about whether she was good enough. She was beautiful when she was free. --Rob Sheffield

Saw this on A Big Little Life and just had to repost. I wish to be free from people who disappoint me, who hurt me, and put me down. Easier said than done! It makes me really appreciate the handful of folks in my life who are special and amazing and encouraging. Anyone else struggling with this one?