Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Speaking of Fall...

Guys, my husband is not so happy with me!! I got a JOB OFFER yesterday so to celebrate, I did a little more shopping for fall transition pieces. I couldn't help it. I had stopped into Talbots earlier in the day and snagged a dark green BLAZER that had been marked down from $150 to $25! THEN, I logged onto last night and there was a HUGE sale with an extra 10% off code. Everything I purchased will be great for our trip! I was definitely looking for a loose knit white sweater. Very nautical. I just couldn't resist the pink cardi or the navy peplum. I swear I don't have a problem, but this is what happens when I go MONTHS of resisting the urge to shop for clothes.  Everything coordinates and can be mixed and matched or layered with stuff I currently have. Even better, all of this cost me less than $150.  WHAT!?

So here are more fabulous finds: 
The pink flats were on ebay and a result from searching leopard flats. I.Could.Die.