Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mid-week Randoms

The last couple of weeks for us have been all about settling into a new routine. It's sort of wierd to me to go from working full time (in a job I despise, making semi-decent money) to part time (in a job I actually enjoy, yet get paid in merch next to nothing). I'm taking on pretty much all of the household duties that we split up before (minus trash. I won't do trash if Steven is around) but I really don't mind. I'm definitely thankful there's no pressure on me to work.  And that's a small lifestyle (or shopping?) sacrifice we (I?) decided to make. I quite like cooking when I have time to plan out our meals. I certainly don't mind cleaning or getting a jog in at 8:30 most mornings! Me? a workout routine? Now, that's a novel concept. I feel rather free and it's refreshing, for a change. Yet, we're staying busy (per usual) and soon I'll actually be back in NC for over a month. I hope when I come back to Texas we have a house. I'm dying for a place to call home! But, anyway... here are some iPhone pics of our life lately!

This is our new friend, Cruise. He's a pretty cool musician around in Texas and he welcomed us here in a big way!
So we met him at a street festival because and we decided to sit and listen to his show. Another couple ended up sitting nearby and it turns out that the girl (Katie) grew up with him, so I made an effort to speak to him after his performance. He was real cool and we got to chat for a bit. Well, cut to two weeks later, I'm parking my car at our apartment and Katie was walking to hers! We're neighbors! We're all going to see Reckless Kelly this weekend and I'm real excited.

Then, our other new friends, Emily & Byron knew Cruise in college. They all went to Texas Tech. Byron's best man was in Cruise's band. So! SMALL WORLD. mind. blown.

In other news...
This happened.

Fret not, friends. I got a STEAL. Hubby was kind of proud? The thrift shop where I found it didn't realize what they had because I was actually able to afford it. Serial number? Check. Authentic? Yep. I'm in LOVE. Hi, I have a baby and her name is Gucci. #proudmama

Yet more reasons I'm dying for a house.... 
I found the jackpot of thrift shops! My style is actually affordable here there doesn't seem to be a huge demand for fab things like faux bamboo and bar carts!

and do you see how gorgeous this place is? JBS is no joke. If you need bedding or anything, just let me know and I can have whatever you need shipped your way! We're working showcasing more things online!

This past weekend we hit up historic Route 66, aka 6th Street. Full of bars and thrift shops, it's got an eclectic feel that we found to be charming, despite all the motorcycles. Come visit us and we'll show you around!

We also did a lil hiking in the Palo Duro Canyon!

Contrary to my own belief, I can be outdoorsy!

Though, it was hotter than Hades and we didn't pack enough water. Our hike was cut a little short!

Back to my normal self, I'm adoring this precious pattern combo:

And I found water. This town is SO dry. I mean, there's a storm every once in a while, but the Panhandle is under a total drout. But, I found water!!

We got some exciting photos done of our first house! Here's a sneak peek and I'll share more later!

And I came across this while grocery shopping:

Just in case anyone needs to know. We don't. But I couldn't help but die of laughter while I was in the check-out line.
Hope you're having a great week! Back tomorrow with Friday Frills!