Friday, August 24, 2012

My new job!

As mentioned yesterday, I got a job offer this week! I'm so excited to announce that I'll be working at a high end boutique, here in Amarillo. I wasn't even looking for a job quite yet, but while Steven and I were shopping around the 2nd day we were here, we stumbled into this cute shop. One of the gals working approached me and we started chatting and she said "oh you must not be from around here!" to which I replied, "Nope! We just moved yesterday from NC!" She immediately asked if I needed a job because they were looking for someone else. Cut to a week later, I had met with the owner, and was offered the position! Yay!

The store is called JBS Linens (please go LIKE us on facebook!) and we specialize in custom bedding, monograms, gifts, and pretty much everything that would make your home smell fabulous and feel soft and cozy (pajamas, robes, towels, blankets, amazing candles...) I'll take pictures soon to share! I'll actually be helping with some of the marketing and social media, too! It's been a few years since I've worked retail, but I never minded it when I worked at boutiques back in college. I can already tell that the gals I work with are wonderful people and we'll be able to create a fun working environment. The shoppers tend to be very chatty and I'm dying to get to know some of the local interior decorators since they shop often for clients.

I think this may be right up my ally. It will at least enable me to be involved with a few other things that are more creative to me (events, decorating!?) Quite a change from the 9-5 corporate misery that got me nowhere. Administrative jobs are just not for me. I'm excited for a change!

Hope your weekend is full of relaxation, sunny skies, and maybe even an adventure!