Thursday, June 7, 2012

Campaign Desk SNEAK PEEEK!

Hey Y'all! Today I'm sharing a little sneak peek of my big campaign desk! As you may recall, I have TWO campaign desks...both of which are still occupying my garage. I have, however, almost completed the big one. This is the one I'm 98.9% sure I'm going to keep. Over the last few weekends, between traveling, my Saturdays have been spent outdoors going green AKA- perfecting additional coats of spray paint.  Well, 10+ cans and some elbow grease later, this bad boy just needs some sort of glass/mirror top and a new drawer pull! Then we'll somehow get 'em upstairs so I can get to work on the rest of my office.

Let's start from the beginning, shall we? 

Anytime you may prep for a spray project or whatever, be sure to just go ahead and let the folks at Lowe's know you'll be back again. Perhaps even 4 times. That day. Silly me for getting only 5 cans of green spray paint to start with!
Primer, green spray, spray name it, I grabbed it.

Allow me to introduce you to BRASSO, my AMAZEBALLS friend.

There are maybe 2 handles that just could not make pretty because of erosion or something. I'm taking them to my dad this weekend to see if he can somehow fix or clean them up better, but overall, we can thank Brasso for the winning shine.
The scary "before":
 rub a dub dub.

I used 2 cans of the Zinsser Spray Primer. I attempted to use the spray guns, but they weren't worth the money. They also don't work with Valspar spray paint.

Oh, hello.
(btw I was literally green after all this. and I wore my rings. alcohol and a toothbrush cleaned them right up, but I just forgot to take them off before I started!)

This was one-two coats of spray. Steven started questioning my antics at this point...(honestly, I did too...gulp) I didn't have the most even spray "technique", but you really just need to keep applying more light coats between sanding. Keep 'em comin...

Here's a tease with some of the hardware stuck on before I actually reassemble. All that's left are a couple of coats of glossy finishing spray and a glass or mirrored top. The surface wasn't as smooth as I'd like it to be and I had some paint issues, unless I can fix them it needs to be covered because it kind of looks like crap for functional purposes! 

What do y'all think?!


Amanda said...

i LOVE it!! so fab!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

OMG girl!! Amazeballs!

Denise Lopatka said...

I LOVE IT! I could never make something that cute. I may be asking for some advice later :)


Em said...

Lookin' good!!

Laura @ LauraLikesDesign said...

Oh my goodness, this is turning out so cute! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Sam @ said...

I love that you are in the monogrammed ball cap while covering your face spray painting!! haha

Reeves said...

I have a campaign desk I am about to paint. Like yours, the brass corners wrap around the sides. How did you get those off? I am trying to figure out how to do it without bending them.