Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Tonight I'm pretty pumped to be joining a few other local Raleigh bloggers & friends for Wine & Design: Abstract Edition. Rachel graciously set it up and did all the organizing because she and Jessie were chatting about how they loved the concept of wine & design, yet they were very interested in creating something a bit more modern! Abstract art is not normally on the "event schedule," and I hope after tonight's event, it will show up more often. I can hardly wait to channel my inner Bob Ross (kidding). 
I've never attempted abstract art but here's some major inspiration: (sources to come soon! sorry, y'all!) 

Have you ever created abstract art?!


preppylove said...

It's all so colorful! I love them! That top bedroom is gorgeous.


Jules said...

I'm excited to hear how it went! I've looked at going to Wine & Design before but haven't ever found anything I'm crazy over. The abstract idea is fantastic though! Oh and I luuurrve that top painting...Jen Ramos?

Jessie said...

It was so fun meeting you last night! I could have used this inspiration for my painting last night.