Thursday, May 3, 2012

Derby De Mayo!

Y'all.This weekend is a BIG weekend. Not only will The Derby be happening, but it's also time for a FIESTA! If that wasn't enough of a wardrobe challenge, we're also going CAMPING. You heard that right. CAMPING for the first time ever with my husband. Our Sunday School small group is trekking out to the lake. Luckily there will be s'mores, a boat, and some sunshine! This will be considered 'easy' camping, but nonetheless, we'll be snoozing in a tent in the woods. I hope everyone else is on board when I bust out my wide brimmed derby hat and my maracas! No, but, really. If I were going to a Derby Party or a Fiesta, I think I'd wear a little something like this to pay a little tribute to both! Tacos, Juleps? Yes, please.

Head here for some fun cocktail twists for the occasion!!

Any plans this weekend, y'all!?



Allyson Butler said...

Love the dresses! Our "big" weekend plans include a cookout and lots of time in the sunshine.


Denise Lopatka said...

YES I am excited about this weekend and LOVE your outfit options! I will be decked in my Derby Best of Saturday and drinking Mint Julips :)


Alicia & Victoria said...

the necklace <3 I love it! :)
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