Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Birthday / Blog Break!

Sometimes a blogging break does one good. I've pretty much stepped back a little from here, not neccessarily because I wanted to, but because I've been making a better effort to unplug while I'm at home. It's been nice to connect with the husband and to put more focus on being a great wife. It's not always as easy as it looks! We got to celebrate Mother's Day & my Birthday this past weekend, which was so much fun. I've always thought of myself to be lucky to celebrate with my favorite women on Mother's Day, even though I'm not a mom myself, just a mother's day baby! My friends showered me with flowers and cards as we threw a fiesta party on Friday night. They made me feel SO special! I'm a lucky lady! Saturday Steven and I had a date day together! Since we celebrated Steven's mom last week, Sunday we went to be with my family and had our traditional Parker's BBQ (holy goodness) lunch and dirt cake birthday party. Then my actual birthday was Monday the 14th, a regular work day. Chipotle take-out and my favorite shows (Hart of Dixie and The Bachelorette!) made for the perfect night in! Here are some snapshots:

Hope y'all are having a lovely week! Hoping to be back a little more frequently.



Denise Lopatka said...

what a fun weekend! and i hear ya on unplugging at home. definitely a must :)