Thursday, December 1, 2011

Other Adorations + December Goals

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I simply love the Holidays! I feel like I can officially really dive into the spirit and joy of Christmas now that it's December. Holy cow, where has this year gone?? I'm really looking forward to this new babe arriving any time between now and Christmas! Her name is yet to be determined, but Baby Dixon is what we shall call her until she's here.
I'm also thrilled to share my first Christmas with Steven as husband & wife. We've been thinking about some traditions that we'd like to start! I'm thankful for one we already have--shopping for a Christmas Angel Baby.  Giving is so much fun, especially with him. I think we both not-so-secretly adore shopping for kid's clothes.  We appreciate giving back because it's what this season is all about! The Rockettes at the DPAC  really got me into the holiday spirit, thanks to my neighbor, Carolina Mama and we got to enjoy the Christmas Sweet cantata at their church! Both were so amazing. We're grateful to have such awesome neighbors. After our quick Thanksgiving, I'm really looking forward to spending more time with both of our families. Now that I've married into the H's, we can't show up empty handed to their Christmas Eve party. Everyone gives a little something to everyone (we're talking at least 30 folks here, y'all) so everyone also receives. Whew! I'm thinking about doing something like this:

December Goals
(first, we'll start with what didn't get accomplished in November):
  • Clear out "junk room" and convert into our guest room/clear out current guest room and convert to an office/exercise/craft room
  • Clean out desks/linen closets/nightstands/guest room closet
  • Get a manicure & possibly a facial 
  • Decorate our Tree to the Holiday tunes of She & Him
  • Finish Christmas Shopping
  • Attempt the cute Cocoa Jars above
  • Mail our Christmas Cards
  • Attend a couple Holiday parties + spread some Holiday Cheer
  • Create a new fun tradition with Steven
  • Visit with Stephanie & Josh to Celebrate Baby Dixon's Birth 
  • Spend many nights cozied up by the fire with Steven and Christmas movies + hot chocolate
  • Volunteer to play BINGO at the retirement community up the street
  • Get our Master Bedroom painted
Merry! Merry!

Just in case Santa is reading:
Clearly I'm obsessing over trays and some of those are way pricey, but you get the idea! They're so fun & we're about to decorate our bedroom & bath. I don't think you can have too many :)


Isle of View said...

have yet to get She & Him Christmas but it's definitely on my list!