Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Random goodness...

I'm loving this gal's "winter" packing guide! She has some great tips for any type of packing and travel on her blog. While it won't quite be winter in SF, Ca, I am betting it will be chillier than Amarillo. I roughly took her advice, but had to add in a few items like workout clothes and PJs. Overall, I made sure I could come up with several outfits with my limited pieces. Otherwise, I'd be rolling up with 2 gigantic suitcases and a carryon just for myself since we'll be gone for about 11 days. Yikes.

Lindsay Souza's home tour on The Glitter Guide was awesome. I think her style is so fun with all the layers of patterns, colors, and sass. I've followed her blog for quite some time, so I was a little excited for her to be featured! She has great taste!

Speaking of amazing design, HGTV's new show Cousins Undercover. These guys have partnered with  the one and only ELLEN (love her!) to give back to folks who are so deserving of a revamped space! How precious is this kitchen?!

Blame it on the cooler weather or the upcoming travels and knowing we'll be getting our fill with all the amazing San Fran food spots, but I've been living off of chicken tortilla soup this week:
So good.

Aren't you so glad it's almost the weekend?! Did you enter the giveaway?


Eloquently Emily said...

LOVE the packing guide! I'm not going anywhere soon but definitely need to keep that in mind for when I do! Have a great week love!