Saturday, October 5, 2013

Friday Frills: fall fashion + new hair (a day late, oops!)

Have you had a PSL yet? Watched any football? Taken a trip to the pumpkin patch? Tis the season :) I've happily done all three!

With the crispy air and changing colors of the leaves, fall never ceases to inspire me to update my wardrobe. We're also heading to San Fran soon, so I can't wait to add in a few things for my trip (to be honest, I've already started!). 
I think with nearing 30, my style is definitely evolving into a more polished look. Also with nearing 30, you'd think that maybe I could afford to shop 'new arrivals,' and J. Crew, but not so much!! I'm still always hunting for sales and I like my money to go farrrr, so I shop accordingly. That doesn't mean skimping on pieces that will stay around for a few years, though. For me, it also doesn't mean shopping all at once. I tend to have a plan, so there's some strategy with mixing things up and creating several outfits. I totally believe in going for great quality (on sale) and I also totally love some trend, so TJ Maxx is my go-to for that sort of thing.

For 'everyday' fall style, I'm totally jonesing for a cape and this bright pink blazer. Big slouchy sweaters are cozy and easily found at the TJ. I like LOTS of sweaters, but I don't like to spend a ton on them because A-at some point, they're bound to get thrown into the dryer (ahem! Steven;) ), B- my jewelry ALWAYS pulls a snag and then there's a hole and then it's ruined, and C-a variety of color is essential to me. A couple of pairs of cords will be a great asset to my closet, too. I love tan, hunter green, and even bright red! Last fall I lived in dark jeans/black leggings and I realized I needed to add more colored bottoms to my pant collection. I may even go crazy with a print. Cords will easily transition into winter and last a few seasons. When it's not so cold, I love pairing a striped tee and layering a blazer or scarf with skinny cords and boots. Lastly for every day occasions, I've been on the hunt for 2 seasons now for some quality riding boots (that weren't $500) and those beauties above just arrived at my doorstep this week! I love them. They're the perfect color, with the perfect amount of gold hardware so they can be dressed up or down. I'm even more in love with the fact they retail for over $300 and I paid less than $200 :) Are you on Gilt? I love it! Sign up HERE.

To kick things up a notch, I'm definitely on board with the leather trend. P(shh...)leather skirt? Check. Quite a trendy little addition to my closet, but so cute. I paid less than $20 for a similar skirt at the TJ. I love dressing up and looking sleek. I actually feel my age and more like a lady when I take the time to put in a little effort by wearing lipstick and heels (ya don't say!). And black just instantly exudes cool and sophistication, so for me, the lover of bright color, this means laying off the fun hues from time to time. I used to wear black like when I worked with the Aveda Institute, so I got very tired of it and I've stayed away for a while. But, alas! Now, I miss it :)  The Rebecca Taylor blazer is TO DIE FOR, but $500 would be beyond my entire budget, so I actually found a replica (on accident) at, no other than-take a guess- TJ Maxx for a mere $40! Yes, it's also faux/pleather, but does that matter? I paired it with a white tee, skinny jeans, and red high heels and I kinda felt like dynamite, even with the cruddy allergies. Coated pants are something I'd love to get my hands on this year. Oxblood or black would be perfect. Paired with a cozy poncho and heels, I think it's a step up from regular jeans/leggings and boots. I'm adding that Clare Vivier clutch to my wish list, but it's quite the pretty penny. It would go with everything! But, I'm definitely on the look out for a dressier sweater with some shoulder cuteness (I do love a bow) since my hair has been chopped off! I wasn't going for that short of a cut (inspired by Kelly Ripa), but it happened. An inch and a half makes a huge difference when we're talking bobs (mine is really much shorter than hers in the back). I think I was in shock for a solid two days, but now that the anxiety has worn off, I'm getting used to the new style. It's so easy to manage. Definitely won't be going shorter...I mean it this time!   

I won't leave you without some pretty fashionistas from where I've drawn my inspiration:

1./ 2.3./ 4./ 5.

Or a peek of the new hair:

What's on your wish list for fall?



Eloquently Emily said...

TJ has been my go to for new fall pieces! I scored some great things and am planning on doing a big reveal next week! Love the sneak peak of the hair! Have a wonderful weekend!