Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Get on It.

I'm currently getting on board with a few things:

Why have I waited so very long to jump on the quinoa train? I'm not sure. Blame my undeniable love for pasta, but pasta does the opposite of make you skinny when you enjoy copious amounts of it like I do. Maybe this will curb the craving.

Tripping Out with Alie & Georgia. We have a weekend morning tradition: watch the Cooking Channel in bed until we decide to get up to fix breakfast. At first, these gals had a mini show between commercials called - Two Classy Ladies. Well, now they have a show! These girls are livin my DREAM. Thumbin across the country and discovering interesting local food and drink all while dressing in adorable retro outfits and getting PAID ! Each time they 'get back home' they host a party with AHMAZING tiny bites and hand crafted cocktails (um, hello, red velvet cupcake cocktail?!) to reflect their most recent trip. I need them to get off my tv and into my real life. Thanks!

Y'all. We were anti-credit cards before we had to high tail it out west. Knowing that we'd likely be flying back and forth to NC, we decided to do our research and keep an open mind. Steven flies occasionally for work and his travel schedule may pick up soon. We're responsible people and it's paying off! We pay our Southwest card off religiously and we've been able to earn the companion pass. Dave Ramsey, I'm sorry, but we're BOTH flying home for Christmas for $6 total. That's a savings of around $1200 all because I fly for free and we paid for Steven's ticket in earned points. Not to boast, but people, if you like to travel and have an opportunity to do so, take note! It's a really good card and Southwest offers great deals (like Expedia) and you can online shop through Southwest, too. The annual fee is $100, but they give you points that are essentially equivilent to that when you sign up or upgrade your card.

The new Loren Hope Fall Collection is out and she's killin it. I don't want to talk about how many things I wish I could buy! Note to hubs: anything will do. 

Ah. Any excuse to dine like the French. Perhaps a little blind tasting party is in my future. Because, really, who doesn't like wine & cheese & other accoutrements & real good company?!

What are some things that you've jumped on board with lately?
I'd love to know!



Shannon @ Pretty Plain Janes said...

I kick myself all the time for not joining a program like this when /i lived in HI and was flying all the time! Love deals like that!
I've been "getting on board" with organization- I need some, desperately! lol! Love your sweet writing, Meg!!!
xo- Shan