Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Goals

One thing that excites me about blogging now is I can start listing monthly goals. I always love cheking out goals for Nancy Ray! So I'm starting to do the same. Now that we've somewhat returned to normal life, Steven and I have our work cut out for us to make this house a home. I'm off work this entire week leading up to the start of my new job on May 9th, so I'm ready to take this time and really get going with some projects!

May House Goals
1. Paint downstairs
2. Pick out fabric for the couch & club chairs & drapes
3. Arrange for said couch & chairs to be reupholstered
4. Move all of my furniture from storage into our house, while moving all of Steven's unwanted furniture into the garage until we can get it to his parent's house.
5. Donate all old clothes/dishes/bedding/lamps/etc to Tornado victims
6. Start shelving project/cabinets in the garage
7. Declutter

May Personal Goals
1. Start walking/jogging 3 times a week
2. Plan meals out starting on Sundays-cooking in larger quantities so we have meals for lunches
3. Visit a new church
4. Figure out new work wardrobe on a major budget (quite a difference in what you can wear coming from all black at Aveda to a financial firm!)
5. Celebrate my birthday with my husband
6. Purchase Quitter by Jon Acuff and start reading it
7. Change my last name (because in all actuality, just because it's on facebook, doesn't make it official)
8. Create a new budget, new banking account with Steven
9. Flea Market trip on a nice Saturday morning
10. ZipLine excursion (I purchased tickets for Steven for his birthday in November and they expire June 1!)

Bonus Goal (if all goes well with the lists above, I'll be treating myself)
Get with 2011 and get an iPhone. Those of you who know me, know I've been carrying around the same flip phone (which is about to flip right into two peices as the hinges are breaking more with each phone call I make) for 3 years. I've never had a smart phone. Crazy, kind of, right?...and I want one now more than ever!

So, I have alot to do! In some way, that gives me a good bit to blog about (I'm committed!) I can't wait to start giving updates about our house. I'm coming at you with some "BEFORE" photos soon. If anyone out there has good tips for living neatly on a regular basis though, let us know. It's probably the biggest challenge in living with a boy/him living with a gal like me! My stuff (clothes/toiletries/shoes/jewelry) tends to live outside of its designated closets/drawers/cabinets, therefore it becomes all I see at all times. And it's driving me crazy. We're already encountering "letting the house go" after a full work and a week a busy weekend and that results in living in what looks to be a tornado zone. Not sure how that happened! :( My dad is coming to start the painting process with us on Tuesday so we are determined to get this place in order this afternoon and tomorrow.

I am so ready to paint though! We're only working on the downstairs for now and we're painting in shades of taupe/gray. Our kitchen will be the darkest shade and then we're popping color in our half bath! We're going with some shade of orange. So bold. I love it though. I may figure out how to get some gold texture onto the walls, but that's a long shot right now. I think a gold mirror and gold hardware, lighting, and accesories will do! We'll also be painting our kitchen cabinets white (I've heard bad things about white cabinets, but they look so great in contrast with gray!) And while all this is happening, it's a good time to also rearrange our living room. For now, we're off to church to hear my dear friend Joslyn sing in the choir and then we're coming back to declutter. Stay tuned!