Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Frills!

What better frill than the Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen (how perfect!) gown for The Future Queen of England?! At the first glance of Catherine as she was stepping out of the car, my breath was taken away. What a vision. The dress was everything I expected it to be. Elegant, simple, lace, and sleeves. It's classic, it's bridal, and it has a modern twist. I can't get over her composure and her confidence. She carried herself perfectly the entire time and they just looked so incredibly happy! She was glowing and so radiant. I love that she even styled her own make up! She's keeping it real, and that's why we love her. In case you missed it, here are a few pictures:

Did you have any personal highlights?!

I loved when Harry looked back at Kate as she was walking down the aisle and then he said something to Wills. I loved that they smiled through their vows. Kate's brother reading was really special and I adored that the happy couple wrote their own prayer. The carriage exit was perfect and they were absolutely beaming! The fashion was so cool. I must say, David Beckham looked smashing. The Philip Treacy fascinators captured my attention! I'm definitely inspired to pull one off at some point in my life! I LOVED the two kisses on the balcony at Buckingham Palace! I won't lie, I was slightly disapointed in the first one so when Wills went for kiss #2, I was giddy!

Did you celebrate the occasion? Steven and I woke up super early and watched everything from bed. We made some coffee and then afterwards I whipped up some homemade ham biscuits. We had some celebratory champagne and then went back to sleep! Tonight I'm getting together with my girlfriends for a Royal Wedding Tea Party. We're dressing up in our own bridesmaid gowns (I've added a DIY Fascinator to my to do list today) and watching everything since most of them had to work this morning! I've been brushing up on my British accent and I can't wait!

Cheerio my loves!