Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Frills: Cozy Chic

We are in the thick of winter, but luckily it's been a mild-ish one so far. I'm still keeping in mind that it wasn't until last March that we had the blizzard, so I'm trying to cultivate cozy outfits (from my own closet) and I'm dreaming of modern interiors with fabulous fireplaces. While the modern chic look hasn't been my past style, I love it so. Typically I'm a bit more classic with a twist, but I couldn't help but dream of being somewhere really snowy, curled up with my hubs, sipping hot cocoa...



preppylove said...

I'm really loving that photo of the cable knit pillows in front of the fireplace! I would love to be lounging there with a good book right now!!