Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I suppose I could let y'all in on an obvious change going on around here: my hair. Starting out this year, it was halfway down my back and in February, I got 5 inches chopped off to bring it up to a healthy long layered look. It was getting scraggly and dull. Aint nobody got time for that!

The Before: (so this was the best pic I could find. I rarely was wearing it down because it was a pain in the you-know-what and on this particular day I actually straightened it for Christmas festivities! )

The (P)inspiration: 
 The Chop:
Ah! Much lighter.

I still started getting an itch to go a little shorter because I've always loved a long bob. The (P)inspiration:

 Clearly, not even pretending to be as pretty as Olivia, but I love her waves!
The Chop:

Definitely feeling a bit more like myself and having fun with the shorter look. Sad realization that my hair will NEVER look quite as thick and pretty as Olivia's. I really like this cut alot, for medium hair. I dared myself to go outside of my comfort level about a month or so later.
The (P)inspriation:

 The Chop:
Still felt like the front was a bit on the long side, and at this point, there was a bit of bulk in the back. I did like this cut when I put effort in, but I had a fear of looking like a soccer mom if I didn't put the time into it that it needed. 

Yesterday I took what felt like the biggest plunge, because I brought it up a bit more and it's probably the shortest my hair has been in at least 5 years. I don't know why chopping your hair is so exciting, but  I find it exillerating. I get a little rush each time. I think I'll work on growing it long with the goal to donate to Locks of Love, since I feel good about a shorter 'do! I really didn't feel like I could handle such a fast change before, though.
The (P)inspiration:

The Chop:

Cue freak out. (!!!!)

It finally actually feels like I have short hair and I'm having a hard time catching my breath, but I kind of love it. It's definitely easy to style. I like a TON of volume, so it does take some effort and giant rollers, but I'll take that over looking like a 14 year old any day. It also FITS IN A (tiny) PONYTAIL! So, welcome to my new sassy hurrcut. I doubt it gets any shorter....?!

I must give a big shout out to Sarah at Lora Brown Salon. SO glad I found a fabulous stylist in the Rillo! Highly recommend. She's been exactly on point for each of my cuts and even took the time to make sure things were JUST right to my picky liking. 



Kaki said...

You look beautiful through all the stages and different lengths but I love the short one on you! Can't wait to see if in person!

Amanda said...

i'm going to get my hair cut today and last night hubs sent me a pic of my hair shoulder length and right now it's past my bra strap. i don't know if i could go that drastic right now since it's taken me 2 years to grow it this long! and it hasn't been this long since i was maybe a freshman in college... ah decisions. it is a major one because it's not like you can go back to super long hair in a month. i like your approach though. a little at a time.. we shall see how i feel today! :) looking good though!!!