Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Trip to New England: Boston

What a treat it was to spend an entire week of vacation with Steven! We enjoyed our trip and all of our travels. The crisp weather was wonderful and we filled our days with explorations and relaxation! Our first stop was actually Oklahoma City on Friday night as we flew out of their airport early Saturday to get to Boston. After a long Eastward trek, we arrived in Boston as the sun was setting over the city. The view from the Harbor was awesome. Once we refreshed, we took the water taxi over to the North End for some local Italian. The only night of stormy weather on our trip cut the first evening a little short, but we needed our rest. Sunday called for more local eats, a Duck Tour, window shopping, and Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

Other highlights include: Finale Bakery, Boston Public Garden, A Red Coat & Soldier spotting at the "oldest tavern in America," Mastering the T, Beacon Hill, and Parrish Cafe!

Boston totally captured my heart. I fell in love with the city in the very short amount of time that we were there! You'll have to excuse the iPhone pictures. Sadly, my camera charger was left back in NC where I am now. More updates to come from Martha's Vineyard and Mystic!



preppylove said...

Such pretty pictures!! I just love Boston!