Monday, February 25, 2013

Ski Trip Pics

 Driving into Santa Fe was gorgeous with the sun setting! Road tripping with Cassy & Davy was tons of fun, despite the wrong turns and getting lost.

We finally arrived Friday evening and met Katie and Ben at our hotel lobby for some cocktails before heading to Maria's for the BEST MEXICAN FOOD EVER. The cocktails at Hotel Loretto were so delicious. The Serrano Margarita is my favorite!

Katie & Ben

Cassy & Davy

Saturday it was time to ski!

Hello, extra gloves and such in my pockets. Geez! This is me. Looking like I know how to ski. Trying to be a good sport after my panic attack on the ski lift, I tried to give it a go. I, in fact, got scared out of my mind, squandered halfway down a run, fell to avoid slamming into a sign, and then gave up my quest to finish said run. Ski patrol to the rescue!

See that snow mobile? I got to ride it. See my husband? He was shocked to see me whiz by (the guys had been skiing for a while before the girls and I arrived to the slopes. We had no way to contact each other, but luckily he happened to be at a nearby lift when my ride was escorting me to the mountain lodge) Steven had no clue I was having such a hard time. My spirits were good, though! I got to ride a ski mobile. It was SO MUCH BETTER than skiing!

The girls had lead me to the top of the mountain for heaven's sake!

Katie and Ben were champs!

I proceeded to hang in the mid-mountain ski lodge. Yay for live music, a cozy fireplace, and hot cocoa ;)

my. happy. place, before a blizzard started to head towards us...
(ski clothes add appx. 75 lbs.)

The rest of the group skied a while longer. They met me for lunch and then this crazy blizzard started coming down the mountain. Steven and the girls and I decided to head back into Santa Fe.

The ski patrol didn't want to mobile me down so we sledded instead. It was that or hike. In those miserable boots. I looked injured, but in fact, I simply refused to ski down the rest of the mountain. So in one day, I think I had more fun than anyone on the ski mobile and sled all while losing my pride!

Finally heading back into SF!

The roads were super slick winding back down the mountain. The road was also quite narrow in parts and the ledge was terrifying. Cue another opportunity for panic for me!

And we found a wolfpack on our way back!

Finally back in gorgeous Santa Fe! I was a much happier Meg.

Sunday the girls and I enjoyed sleeping in, a french breakfast, and a spa day! Then we met up with the guys around the art galleries and packed up the car and headed back home. 

The trip was a blast! More than anything, we're just grateful to have made friends with two couples willing to join in on a fun trip! 

Have you been skiing this season!?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Clam Monogram Winner!

Big thanks to all y'all who entered my Valentine's Giveaway! I love these etched earrings from Happy Clam Monogram and I'm excited that one of you will be able to have your own pair!!

 So, I decided to go old school with my name drawing!

Congratulations, Kathryn! Please be on the lookout from an email from me with the details! Enjoy your earrings :)

Thank you again, Happy Clam Monogram!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hello, Lovers!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Despite a bit of drama today (such is life), I'm jumping for joy because my special Valentine surprised me first thing with the prettiest gold monogram necklace that I've been wanting for quite some time!! J'adore! I'm so very lucky to call him mine. To have and to hold. Forever. He makes me smile each day and reminds to always look on the bright side. He always tells me to forget about the silly things that frustrate me. He has my back and he loves me with my flaws. I couldn't ask for anything more! Well, except for some chocolate bacon. We're so excited to have a cozy evening in tonight with just that!

I am also jumping up and down because Finley gets to go on to round TWO of the Cutest Pet Contest!! 

Please vote for him!?
He is the cutest, right!?
I got him a sweet puppaccino from Starbucks for a little celebration of today!

Refresh as many times as you'd like so his "views" go up, which are votes!! Keep 'em coming!

Enjoy the Love today!!

PS- Enter to win my contest for some cute monogrammed earrings!! You have until Sunday! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Valentine's Giveaway!

Y'all know how much I love a monogram, right!? Well, in honor of Valentine's Day tomorrow, I have linked up with Happy Clam Monogram to host a fun giveaway! HCM is an adorable new monogram shop based out of Wilmington, NC! They're from my home state, so I couldn't be more excited for this new business venture that Jenny has started. I just wish I still lived close by so we could soak up some sun together by the ocean and chat about all things monogram! One lucky reader can win a pair of the Ava Etched Earrings! You can select the color & font of your choice. I personally have some earrings quite similar and I sure do love them! The best part? No one else has a pair exactly like them! 

I'm hoping to get my hands on two of the small wooden monograms from HCM so I can hang them on our Christmas stockings (since they are not personalized). What an adorable idea!

Here are a few of my other favorite items from Happy Clam Monogram:

How to enter?

Well, all you have to do is follow SugarMegnolia (or add me to your Google Reader!) and "Like" Happy Clam Monogram on Facebook. Please leave a comment here letting me know that you did both of those, but also let me know which color/font is your favorite! 

Tweet this contest @meg514 & @HCM_Monogram and link your tweet in a comment below for an additional entry.
Share this contest on Facebook and link your share in a comment below for an additional entry.
That's three potential entries!

Good luck, friends. I hope y'all are Happy Clams with Monograms this Valentine's! 
Contest will end this Sunday and I'll select a random winner to announce next Monday. 


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A tiny favor, please!?

Spotted®: Cutest Pets Contest! --click the link and VOTE for Finley!

Finley is in the running for being the CUTEST pet in Amarillo!!! Please vote for him as many times as you can! His little paws are crossed for a win!

Thanks so much! I'll be back tomorrow with a Valentine's Giveaway!!!


Friday, February 8, 2013

Slope Style & Outfits

This weekend we are skiing! I'm so pumped to get out of town. We're Santa Fe bound with two other couples! In prepping for my stint on the slopes, I've collected some (inexpensive) ski gear. Fortunately, I recieved a North Face coat for Christmas and I've paired a few things to make sure I at least look like I know what I'm doing! Fingers crossed I don't break any bones, y'all. I'm quite nervous, to be honest. I haven't been skiing in about 6 years.

Ski Coat: North Face, Base Layer: Athleta, Pants: Academy, Toboggan: Athleta. Boots/Skis/Gloves/Goggles 
Don't worry, I'm not seriously buying boots/skis/goggles, but if you're an avid skier, by all means! So cute!

Speaking of style, here are two more outfits from this week. Two days were spent in workout clothing!

and two days of bad hair days in a row!
I'm a big fan of this bee pin I found thrifting. I pinned it onto my wedding pearls. 

I'm so ready to get cozy and relaxed! 

Any fun weekend plans??

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weekend update & first 3 outfits!

Happy Tuesday! I took a much needed lazy day yesterday, as I worked through the weekend! Sunday we went to church and got a few things done around the house before going to a superbowl party! On top of all that, I've had the crud since last week. I'm feeling on the up and up just as Steven is starting to feel whatever I had. Of course. Anyway, here are my outfits over the last few days! I started 35x35 on Friday. For the record, I am not claiming to be the most fashionable person ever, nor the best picture taker!

NOTE: Posing is AWKWARDSAUCE! But, here you have it.
The liquid leggings and peter pan booties made me feel very rocker-ish. Totally out of my comfort zone, but I liked it! And I swear the shirt dips down in the back so my butt is covered. I PROMISE.

Velvet leggings and Mr. fox.
Finley loves Mr. Fox.

These were the eggplant leggings, but it's sort of hard to tell. I was excited that we found a more casual church service to attend downtown so I didn't have to wear 2 outfits in 1 day!

Saturday & Sunday afternoons consisted of cleaning up our 'catch all' guest room. It had gotten quite messy and we got real organized with paperwork and such. Feels good! I'm not quite done decorating in here, but it's a good start!
 Real life pinning > Pinterest!?!? 

I enjoyed it, at least!

PS- Are you watching The Bachelor!?!? We LOVE it. I think Sean is my very favorite bachelor so far. Tierra is obviously NUTS! Can't wait to see what's up her sleeve tonight! My pick may very well be AshLee, though I also really do like most of the girls this season! 

PSS- Are any of y'all going to Blissdom!? It's in Dallas this year and I've been offered a ticket. I'm so very excited for the opportunity, yet I know NO ONE going. I'm a nervous nelly in deciding to book a hotel and everything. I'd love to room with someone, but if you're interested in going, or if you know of anyone I should link up with, please share!